About Us

We are private reptile keepers/breeders and not a pet shop and as such our reptiles are very seasonal.

We have a wide range of reptiles from small geckoes and skinks to our big Scrub Pythons

Why we do what we do!!!
We are reptile lovers and started out by just keeping and breeding a few for ourselves, however over the years our small reptile collection increased. As ours and everyone elses demand for high quality reptiles also increased, we found ourselves breeding more and more to increase our collection and swap with others to add different species to our collection. We do sometimes have excess animals available for sale to other collectors.



As some of the species we wanted for our private collection are very hard to get a hold of, we thought we should start breeding them so other people can enjoy the harder to get species as well....... So with that came HerpHeaven!! 

If there is a certain species you are after and we don't have it and you can't find it; just contact us, maybe we  know someone with that animal or have it and not added it to our website yet, that is of course if there is that species out there to be had!!!! 

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