Welcome to our Gecko section

We are currently Breeding: Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko– Oedura Tryoni 
Northern Spotted Velvet Gecko– Oedura Coggeri
Castelnau's Velvet Gecko– Oedura Castelnaui
                                        Ocellated Velvet Gecko– Oedura Monilis
                                        Robust Velvet Gecko– Oedura Robusta
                                                            Bynoe’s Gecko– Heteronotia Binoei 
                                        Eastern Dtella– Gehyra Dubia
                                        Smooth Knob-Tails– Nephrurus Levis Levis 
                                        Pilbara Knob-Tails– Nephrurus Levis Pilbarensis
                                        Western Knob-Tails– Nephrurus Levis Occidentalis
Starred Knob-Tails- Nephrurus Stellatus
                                        Giant Cave Gecko– Pseudothecadactylus Lindneri 
                                                            Thick-Tailed Gecko- Underwoodisaurus Milii
North-West Cape Knob-Tails
– Nephrurus Levis Occidentalis 

Our Future Breeding Projects:
    Zig-Zag Velvet Gecko– Oedura Rhombifer
Marbled Velvet Gecko - Oedura Marmorta

To see whats currently Available or soon to be Available, go to our Available/Incubating pages

  A Pair of our Western Knob-Tails mating

       Nephrurus Levis Occidentalis  

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