North West Cape Knob-Tail Gecko - Nephrurus Levis Occidentalis

This is a very exciting pet project of ours that is heading in two different directions, which are high yellow and dark coloured individuals. The original breeding Trio were sourced from the North West Cape area in Western Australia because of their original colouring.

The first generation of babies are growing fast and colouring up nicely, we also have this years eggs from the same parents in the incubator. We are hoping to get some nice individuals again this year and eagerly awaiting for last years hatchlings to be old enough to breed to see where these colour lines will lead us. 

We may have some individuals for sale, but at the moment we are waiting to see how many viable eggs we get and as this is our project we are working on we will be keeping more Hatchlings then we probably should !!!


          Above are our two Females, hard to get the camera to them justice!!!

                   Above is showing two of the girls and their colourings

                    Above showing the patterns and colourings of the eyes and body 

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